Before getting all me, me, me, I’d like to talk about you.

I’m guessing you’re struggling with something. 

Maybe it’s a launch that flopped.

Maybe it’s an email campaign with disappointing numbers.

Or maybe it’s just that your message isn’t *really* connecting with people. 

I can help. I’ve worked with dozens of ecom brands, SaaS companies, and even offline businesses like restaurants and breweries.

I’ve also been in your shoes – I started 4 companies and launched to crickets before figuring out how to build momentum the right way.

It’s simple, but not always easy. And guess what?

Most brands don’t get their messaging right the first time. 

Behind every success story is a lot of careful research, educated guesses, and…testing. A whole lot of it.

Most entrepreneurs don’t have the bandwidth to run their day to day operations AND conduct buyer research, test different messages, warm up a list, and write sales emails. 

That’s basically what a launch is – a whole bunch of specialized actions.

And to be brutally honest…..most launches fail because entrepreneurs try to do it all themselves (usually for the first time). 

If that sounds familiar…..well, that’s where I come in. 

If you’ve run a launch that’s fallen flat, there’s no shame in that. But give yourself a break and hire specialist.  

I’ll help you develop a stronger version of your voice, build a better email list, and actually make money on your launch. 

I’m all about ROI, so I only work with people I think I can actually help. I’m not interested in sending you away with some vague thing – I want you to directly trace measurable value back to our work together. 

Shoot me an email (dan@danmcd.me) and we can get started!

About Me (for real, this time)

I’ve been a writer for 15 years.

I started off as a grant writer for the UN, clean tech startups, and development projects in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. 

Along the way, I picked up a lot of extra writing gigs – I’ve been a journalist, a policy researcher, and I even taught a course on memo writing.