About me

Technically, I’m a copywriter. 

But really, I just think of myself as a story guy. 

I like telling them, and I really like helping people figure out how to tell theirs. 

I’ve been doing this for almost 15 years. 

In that time, I’ve worked with everyone from soloists to small businesses (ex. bars and restaurants) and big organizations (ex. UN agencies). 

What I do is pretty simple…

I can help you launch a product, service, or business, successfully

Traction is all about getting your story right, then telling that story to the right people, the right way. 

That’s where I come in. 

I’ll work with you to hone your identity and then connect your business with people who’ll genuinely benefit from them. Win-win situations for everyone 🙂

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Still reading?

Alright…..let’s get weird :).

I grew up in 10 countries, which means my accent occasionally gets goofy. 

I still use Celsius > Fahrenheit and I call soccer “football”. Sorry, Uncle Sam. 

The picture on the right is all of my favorite things combined. If you can tell me why I’m holding up six fingers, I’ll give you a 100% free strategy session!

(you can shoot me an answer —> dan@danmcd.me )

I’m a sucker for bad horror movies and rom coms. Not even a little bit sorry (just never let me plan a movie night). 

Like every writer ever, I’ve got a book “I’m working on, man”…

I’ll happily nerd out on:

  • puzzles
  • hot sauce
  • travel pillows
  • weird moments in history

…..And I’d love to talk to you. Click that big green link and we can get a conversation started!