Before getting all me, me, me, I’d like to talk about you.

I’m guessing you’re struggling with something. 

Maybe it’s a launch that flopped.

Maybe it’s an email campaign with disappointing numbers.

Or maybe it’s just that your message isn’t *really* connecting with people. 

I can help. I’ve worked with dozens of ecom brands, SaaS companies, and even offline businesses like restaurants and breweries.

I’ve also been in your shoes – I started 4 companies and launched to crickets before figuring out how to build momentum the right way.

It’s simple, but not always easy. And guess what?

Most brands don’t get their messaging right the first time. 

Behind every success story is a lot of careful research, educated guesses, and…testing. A whole lot of it.

Most entrepreneurs don’t have the bandwidth to run their day to day operations AND conduct buyer research, test different messages, warm up a list, and write sales emails. 

That’s basically what a launch is – a whole bunch of specialized actions.

And to be brutally honest…..most launches fail because entrepreneurs try to do it all themselves (usually for the first time). 

If that sounds familiar…..well, that’s where I come in. 

If you’ve run a launch that’s fallen flat, there’s no shame in that. But give yourself a break and hire specialist.  

I’ll help you develop a stronger version of your voice, build a better email list, and actually make money on your launch. 

I’m all about ROI, so I only work with people I think I can actually help. I’m not interested in sending you away with some vague thing – I want you to directly trace measurable value back to our work together. 

Shoot me an email (dan@danmcd.me) and we can get started!

About Me (for real, this time)

I’ve been a writer for 15 years.

I started off as a grant writer for the UN, clean tech startups, and development projects in North America, Europe, and the Middle East. 

Along the way, I picked up a lot of extra writing gigs – I’ve been a journalist, a policy researcher, and I even built + taught a course on memo writing. 

When I moved back to the US, I started focusing on the local startup scene wherever I was. First it was clean tech companies, then SaaS, then craft businesses (like brewpubs, restaurants, and artisans). I love watching entrepreneurs figure out their value props, build relationships, and gain traction……whether it’s online or offline. 

The offline part of all this was new to me. I was used to dealing with digital strategy and performance analytics dashboards, but none of that matters when you have a real, live human interested in making a purchase. 

The more I worked with offline brands, the more I started to value old school sales skills. And I met some absolutely killer salesmen….

Since I’m an annoyingly curious guy, I wouldn’t leave these guys alone. I talked my way into more ride-alongs and road trips than I care to admit. I tagged along on everything from 5-minute check-ins to multi-million dollar project pitches. 

It was like drinking from a fire hose. 

To be totally honest, I used to think “sales” was a dirty word – and salesmen were shady, slimy manipulators. 

Those folks definitely do exist, but the guys I got to know were something else entirely. They were the lifeblood of the businesses they worked for, and they were like family to their buyers and their employers. 

Pretty soon I was working alongside a couple of these guys. We were working with communities I’d never met before – hippies, ranchers, local government, and even helped monks sell beer. 

It was actually with those monks when all my online chops came together with my offline sales experience. I started working the beer festival scene….and I had a major whoa moment.

I started using online strategies with offline style and voice.

The results?

Pretty crazy, tbh. 

We picked up awards left and right. We converted untouched sub-markets into regular buyers. We built up loyal customers who’d buy, buy, and buy again. We even had an little army of out-of-state buyers driving for hours for our beer. 

Fast forward a few years and I’d built up similar stories for restaurants, food trucks, woodworkers, solar consultants, coaches, and dozens of ecommerce stores. 

I’ve boiled my approach down to a repeatable process that’s 100% focused on traction and organic growth. I’m always happy to talk strategy, sales, and copywriting…..but my business is entirely built on relaunches

I take businesses that are already doing something – typically to the tune of $5,000+ MRR – but they can feel that something’s off. 

Their product/service launches are lukewarm at best (and often total disasters). 

I come in to walk you through a structured relaunch. 

No pretty frills and woo woo bullshit. I take what you tried, where your audience is at mentally, and serve up a hot plate of email sales and ROI. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur and I know the feeling of spending money on “marketing” services. God only knows wtf you’re going to get. 

I’m a copywriter and I guess I work on marketing strategy. But I get hired to transform your sales. 

If you’d like to work with me, you can send me an email —> dan@danmcd.me

Or you can just hit the button below to schedule a call. It’s free – and if we’re not a good fit, I’ll tell you.