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Brand + Voice Strategy

Before web copy, product descriptions, or technical guides, you need to figure out how to speak to your audience. What should you say and how should you say it?

Developing a consistent, effective voice is a fundamental step for your business. I’ll research your audience and build you the guidelines that will keep your content consistent across all channels and maximize your customer relationships.

Positioning + Messaging Strategy

How do you set yourself apart from your competitors? Why should buyers come to you?

I’ll help you answer that question with proof. You’ll get data-backed audits of what’s working for you and your closest competitors. Then we’ll nail your positioning with the help of interviews with your audience.


Want to turn all of the above into your web copy? I can do that for you.

I’ll go deep with your analytics and your buyers. I’ll figure out what makes them tick and how to keep them coming back to you.

You’ll get a strong identity, clear messaging strategy, and a measurable improvement in your conversion rates.

Requires minimum 3 month commitment.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO Report + Competitive Audit

Are you maximizing your online sales? Do you know where your audience converts into buyers – or why they don’t?

I can help you answer those questions with a careful walkthrough of your data and site structure. We’ll identify specific weaknesses and actions to address them.

These insights will help you immediately improve your online sales. Let’s get you some quick wins.

Growth Strategy

Shopify store owners – if you’ve hit a sales plateau, I can help you break through it and keep going. We’ll analyze your funnels, your data, and your audience’s sticking points….and then set a clear path forward.

You’ll get a strategy that will go in-depth at each stage of your funnel, from product descriptions and photography guidelines to cross channel marketing.

Email Campaign

Email marketing is an area most ecommerce businesses can improve. If you’re not happy with your email ROI, I can help. I’ll build your list properly and then cultivate it profitably.

This goes beyond a quick bump in profits. I’ll show you how to translate the data you get from your email list into improvements across your marketing channels.

Requires minimum 3 month commitment.

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