Work With Me

Work with me...

Projects are broken down into two steps. 

Step #1: What’s wrong??

We’ll look at what you’re currently doing and evaluate performance. 

I’ll audit your core campaign – either a recent launch or a core autoresponder email series – and identify the main leaks. 

You’ll get:

  • A clear list of issues with suggested solutions
  • An audience breakdown report 
  • A competitor breakdown report
  • A voice + identity guide (this is usually where the magic happens)

This typically takes 4-6 weeks to complete and I’ll require access to your list, your analytics, and you (we’ll speak once a week during our engagement). 

The aim here is to leave you with a crystal clear idea of why an existing campaign is falling flat and what you can do about it. 

Step #2: Relaunch like a BOSS

Take everything in Step 1 and then let me actually rewrite your launch. 

You’ll get:

  • All the research and guides from Step 1
  • Re-written opt-in copy and CTA
  • A new launch campaign 
  • Follow up training on segmentation and “next steps” for your list.

A full relaunch engagement typically lasts 3 months, with an additional 3 months of support. I’ll need the same access I mentioned above, with weekly calls for the first 3 months and monthly calls thereafter, plus a private Slack or email channel. 

Here the aim is to deliver significant ROI and develop a sales channel that’s reliable and scalable. 

If you’re interested, hit the button below to book a call. We’ll talk about your goals and see if we’re a good fit. 

(Need something else?)

If you’re looking for a quicker consultation, I’m offering private 1-hour copy strategy sessions for $100 for the rest of 2019. 

I’m one of the copywriting coaches at and I’ve been delivering quick wins for KK forum members for the last year. Here’s what a few people have said:


The format is pretty simple – it’s a video call with screenshare. You can ask any questions you like about a specific launch or a particular angle of your positioning and messaging. 

You’ll get a recording of the video and my call notes. If we run through some live site edits, you’ll get a screenshots of those too. 

The aim of these calls is to give you clarity on your sales process and what needs to be done to build momentum for a strong relaunch or reposition.  

(These calls were originally meant to be 100% focused on launch campaigns, but the majority of people I spoke to were having pre-launch problems like weak positioning, unclear offers, and a distant audience. If you’re having consistent issues with your conversion rates and inbound traffic, odds are you actually need some groundwork – not just a new launch campaign. Either way, this is a good chance to test the waters and get some clarity around your sales.) 

Reach out by email and I’ll send over a questionnaire to get started ——->